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By Eric Peltz

Explores ways that the military may possibly increase its skill to give a contribution to the recommended, worldwide power-projection potential of the us.

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Speed and Power: Toward an Expeditionary Army

Explores ways that the military could increase its skill to give a contribution to the urged, international power-projection power of the us.

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Note, also, that some conditions could reduce allowable cabin loads, increasing the number of required lift missions. These include hot weather, high altitude, short runways, wet weather, damaged runways, and “soft” runways. 5 compares the range of three estimates of SBCT required airlift missions discussed in this section with estimates of requirements for light, Stryker, and heavy BCTs. The light and heavy BCT ______________ 7 The vehicles and trailers produced 226 aircraft loads, and we computed them to weigh 11,400 STONs.

3 RANDMR1755-3-4 C-17 load, Stryker ICVs with personnel 1/125 scale 3 Stryker ICV (8x8), Full combat configuration: ready to fight with all systems installed, full fuel and ammo, and full crew 36 Personnel Payload 129,000 lbs. S. : Air Force Pamphlet 10-1403, 1 March 1998. S. Transportation Command, “Interim Brigade Combat Team Air Mobility Deployment Analysis,” unpublished report, 2002, and Roger Brady, Air Mobility Command Director of Operations, “Airlifting the SBCT in the Near and Long Term,” unpublished briefing, January 23, 2003.

The difference between the PAI and the TAI reflects backup aircraft inventory (BAI) to cover programmed depot maintenance and training fleet aircraft. Current PAIs as of January 2003 are 85 C-17s and 104 C-5s. This information comes from an Air Mobility Command C-17 delivery and basing plan, 30 January 2002, and Air Mobility Command Studies and Analysis. 5 The active duty C-17 flight crew to aircraft ratio is 3 to 1, and it is 5 to 1 when including reserve flight crews. 6 The “synchronization” planning factor is 85 percent throughput efficiency.

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